A Brief Bio Data of Dr. Nyima Tsering

Dr Nyima Tsering Lhunkhang is a Tibetan refugee. He was born in Gyantse Central Tibet and currently based in New Delhi, India. He has studied and practiced traditional Tibetan systems of health and medicine for many years, and has attained the highest level of excellence possible in his profession.

In 1980, at the age of 18 he escaped from Tibet by himself through Bhutan (where he was held in prison for a year as a suspected Chinese spy). Arriving in Dharamsala he studied Buddhist philosophy for a year and then went on to obtain his \'Kachupa\' degree( Equivalent to BTMS) in Tibetan Medicine under the direct guidance of H.H.the Dalai Lama. He was awarded the Menrampa Degree (Equivalent to MD) in the year of 2000 by Men-Tsee-khang, after completing the entire exam.

He trained at the Tibetan Buddhist Institute and the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, both in Dharamsala and practiced as the chief Medical officer at the Tibetan medical Institute in Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh, and in Dalhousie, India. From 1996 Dr Nyima participated in the east-west seminar on Tibetan medicine at the Tibetan medical and Astrological Institute. From 1996- 2003 he served as a Chief Medical Officer in Samyeling Tibetan Settlement in Majnu ka Delhi - 54.

On the year of 2004 he established private clinic Lhunkhang Tibetan Healing Centre at Samyeling Tibetan Settlement, Majnu ka Tilla, Delhi. to promote health awareness and to help the poor and needy as you can see today.

On 2007 he served three years to Central Council of Tibetan Medicine as a Vice Chairman. His medical and scientific skills are acknowledged and respected both amongst the Tibetan community in exile in India and in the west. He now conducts regular tours to countries such as Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan and the U.S.A.He has been personal physician to venerable Lama Samten for 5 years and Lama Samten has expressed confidence in his integrity, honesty, and humility as well as his medical skills.