Welcome to Lhunkhang Tibetan Healing Centre !

Lhunkhang Tibetan Healing Centre was founded by Dr. Nyima Tsering Lhunkhang in 13th December 2004 at Samyeling Tibetan Settlement, New Aruna Nagar,New Camp, Majnu ka Tilla, Delhi-54 under the blessings and guidance of Venerable Namkha Rinpoche and Venerable Jigmey Rinpoche.

A Brief History of Tibetan Medicine, Establishment of Lhunkhang Tibetan Healing Centre and its aims and objectives.

First of all it is important to give a brief history of Tibetan Medicine to help understand the aims and objectives of setting up the clinic and to fulfill its noble aims. The revival and preservation of the rich and unique heritage of Tibetan healing science is vitally important in the 21st century. The 21st century is also a time to incorporate the ancient and modern techniques to avoid evil Influences. The success of our quest will depend on how we implement and practice the principles of the Tibetan Traditional healing science (Sowa Rigpa) which is one of the five major traditional sciences of Tibet. Tibetan has a long and fruitful history. For millennia the hardworking and skilled inhabitants of the ‘roof the world’ have used natural and simple therapies to heal various illnesses. They used rudimentary, yet effective, treatments like applying melted butter on wounds and using barley beer to relief swelling and disorders caused by imbalance in wind and blood. Gradually Tibetan medicine refined with development and evolution of Tibetan civilization.

Dung.gi Thor.chog,.chen, one of the first well known Tibetan physicians, was born in the fourth century.Owing to his vast knowledge on medicine he became the personal physician to the 28th Tibetan king Lha.tho.ri Nyen.tsen. The Great Tibetan physician Youthok Yon.ten Gon.po Sr.was a descendent of Dungi.gi Thor.chog. chen.

During the reign of king Tsong. Tsen Gampo in the 7th century Tibetan empire greatly flourished. The king invited many scholars from India, Persia, China and many important medical texts were translated in to Tibetan. The essences of other medical traditions were incorporated in to the existing Tibetan Medicine. During the reign of King Tri.song Deu.Tsen; the first ever international conference on Medicine was held at Sam.ye monastery. Many scholars from India, China, Persia, Kashmir and Dolpo were invited. Based on the extensive discussions and the outcome of the conference, the famous rGyud.bZhi (the Four Tantras ) was composed by the great Yu.thok Yon.ten Gom.po Sr.

The four tantras was up dated and illustrated by Yu.thok Yon.ten Gom.po Jr. in the twelve century. The four tantras that we see today is the result of his hard work and contribution. Later many scholars like Jangpa Namgyal and Surkhar Dorji propagated and authored numerous authoritative works on Tibetan medicine and astrology.

The famous Desi (regent) Sangye Gyatso of the Great fifth Dalai Lama established Chakpori medical institute . His contribution to the propagation and development of Tibetan medicine could be matched by a few.

Desi himself was highly well verse in Tibetan medicine and authored many books. The great thirteen Dalai Lama established Lhasa Medical institute in 1916 and growth of development of Tibetan medicine came to a full circle.

With Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959, the destruction of Tibetan culture and traditions took full scale. Among the hardest hit was Tibetan medical tradition. Priceless texts and medical paintings were burnt during the mindless destruction brought about by the chaotic Chinese annexation and ensuring Cultural Revolution. Lhasa medical was closed and traditional Tibetan doctors were imprisoned for decade. Few survived years of torture and forced labour. The rich traditional Tibetan medicine now faced extinction.

After coming to exile. His Holiness the fourteen Dalai Lama established Tibetan medical and astrological institute on 23rd March 1961, in Dharamsala, a small town in north India. With establishment of the institute, the revival of Tibetan medicine began in exile. Gradually the world learned its value and began to appreciate it.

With search unprecedented yet daunting historical antecedents, we are at a critical Juncture where we must preserved our age old tradition and to combine modern medical techniques to provide a complete and holistic treatment to people. In a world where the disease has become wide spread, Tibetan medicine has much to offer to help the suffering multitude. Holding the noble aims to help the poor and needy and with spiritual guidance and advices from Namkha Rinpoche and Jigme Rinpoche, we came up with this grand idea to establish a traditional Tibetan medical clinic named Lhunkhang Tibetan Healing Centre at Samyeling Tibetan Sattlement , Majnu ka Tilla Delhi 54 as we can see today.